In 1921, at the age of 38, Charles Jourdan decided that it was time to start his own business. The shoemaker from Romans, the capital of skin-dressing and tanning, built a workshop at 1, boulevard Voltaire and employed about 30 workers, manufacturing 40 pairs of ladies’ shoes per day. Meticulous workmanship and exquisite materials were the hallmark of the craftsmanship of Charles Jourdan.

Within a short time, Charles Jourdan had known for beyond the region of Romans – as manufacturer of luxury ladies’ shoes. After the Second World War, his three sons, Rene, Charles and Roland took over the destiny of the Romans shoe factory and the name Charles Jourdan began to become synonymous with ((fashionable)). In France the Charles Jourdan ladies’ shoe was presented as an elegant, feminine and high quality element of the luxury Haute Couture trend. In the 1950s already 900 pairs of shoes were ready daily for delivery.

1957, having achieved a strong reputation, the company opened the first CHARLES JOURDAN Boutique in Paris, on boulevard de la Madeleine. From then onwards the CHARLES JOURDAN business has diversified from finest ladies’ and men’s shoes to leather goods and accessories. As the reputation of CHARLES JOURDAN’s craftsmanship and quality spread, boutiques were opened internationally, located in the finest cities like Milan, London, Tokyo, New York, Beverly Hills and Hong Kong, each offering the high standard of quality and excellence expected of CHARLES JOURDAN products.

Additional lines of merchandise have been added over the years, including specialties and ready-to-wear items. The year 1983 saw the introduction of the CHARLES JOURDAN watches, lighters and writing instruments. These items have met with extraordinary success in the European, Far Eastern markets, the Middle East and are now being introduced to the United States and the South American markets.