The Chronicle of Charles Jourdan

      Fashion enthusiasts and industry players know of the legendary Charles Jourdan. Born in 1883, he gained reputation as a famed French fashion designer and icon of the fashion world right up to his passing in 1976. Although best known for his creation of women's shoes since 1919, his fame rose to greater heights through the capabilities of his sons who imbued the brand with ideas of using innovative materials while respecting tried and true traditions.

The French Fashion
  • Defining Women’s Shoes in 1921

It was in 1921 that Charles Jourdan brought forth the essential shoe for women – the pump. Jourdan created these shoes to enhance the woman’s silhouette. Through them, Jourdan managed to reveal the personality of the woman and gave them a literal boost by adding a few centimetres to the heel of the shoe. These shoes were further defined by their refinement in quality, their sexy appeal and the use of creative designs and materials. During that year, Jourdan focused on ladies’ shoes and delved deeper by constructing his workshop for manufacturing them.

  • The Stardust Pump

By the 1950s, Jourdan saw his success grow tremendously and every famous celebrity in the world had to have his shoes. Ava Gardner, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy were among the stars that proudly wore his brand and thus, his name was forever sealed in history as the one who created the glamourous luxury shoe for ladies.

  • Entering Haute Couture in the 1960s

In 1957, Charles Jourdan opened his first boutique in Paris at the No. 7, Boulevard de la Madeleine. His brand became the must-have item in the world of fashion. His name shone and it was during this time, Charles Jourdan entered into various collaborations with legendary couturiers such as Christian Dior, Balenciaga and Pierre Cardin.

  • The 70s to the 90s

The 1970s saw photographer Guy Bourdin portraying the quintessential Jourdan woman through his pictures. Through them, we see her as a mysterious but provocative individual. She smokes seductively while holding the handset of the phone. Her nails are red and we imagine ourselves giving her a long never-ending kiss, like one of those romantic movies of the past.

By this time, Charles Jourdan is a true essential in every woman’s arsenal.

  • Change in 2017

In 2017, the brand is relaunched by the Royer Group and Charles Jourdan is again pushed forth as a mainstay in French fashion. Forever avant-garde, Charles Jourdan has entered truly entered the modern era. No longer is the rest of the world to be denied access to Charles Jourdan and its fine Parisian products. No longer is the brand contained to just shoes – this time, all will bear witness to the rebirth of the House of Jourdan.

  • Charles Jourdan today

Today’s Charles Jourdan creations, specifically its watches, exhibit the traits of the master designer from France and carries on his legacy of fine quality, technical virtuosity and high art, while remaining truly functional. Charles Jourdan timepieces perpetually push the boundaries of possibilities without discarding the DNA of the brand.

Charles Jourdan, with its long history of undeniable influence on the fashion industry, has always known to be the innovator of its era. The name and the brand are well known to fashion enthusiasts for having a seductive image targeted towards an intelligent and mature clientele.

Charles Jourdan timepieces are no exception. The watches for the gentleman are a showcase of the mastery of watchmaking and the obvious choice for him. These exude a masculine aura with an irrepressible presence. For the fairer sex, Charles Jourdan’s watches accomplish an image that is sultry all day long. Made for only the best in mind, it brings out the femme fatale in every woman and presents an air of enigmatic femininity.